Which? App

This project examines the design of the Which? Reviews App for mobile. I managed the project and conducted the research, UX, user testing and design.

Time frame: 4 weeks
Role: reSEARCH, UX, Design


  • One of the main draws for Which? Members is access thousands of independent consumer product reviews. In order to strengthen this appeal Which? released an app to be used at home or shopping in store.
  • An initial version of the app had been developed several years earlier but had quite basic functionality and suffered from several flaws which needed to be addressed.
  • This also provided an opportunity to improve the experience and visual design as well as adding some new features.

Project goals

  • Increase member uptake of the app
  • Retain and strengthen existing user engagement
  • Improve user experience across the app
  • Improve interface and layout to bring the design in line with other Which? Digital products and up to the standard of similar shopping apps
  • Improve search functionality
  • Improve filter journey
  • Add new features such as notifications

User feedback

As a starting point we collected feedback from real users of the existing app. This provided a few unexpected surprises and identified potential ideas for change and improvement.

Site mapping

It became clear early that it would be a good idea to introduce navigation at the bottom of the designs, to bring it in line with current mobile practice. In order to plan all the content and new features I experimented with several site maps.

Initial sketches



Product flow

Filter flow

Search tab flow

User testing prototypes

Test results

After completing initial wireframe designs I created a working interactive prototype using Invision. I then arranged a ‘guerrilla’ usability test of this prototype on new users in house. In particular I aimed to test two different versions of the filter journey, as well tried to identify any unforeseen problems. The result of the tests clearly identified a preference for one of the filter designs and happily the rest of the design seemed to function as planned.

Final designs

Sign up

I edited together a short looping video to use as a background to the initial sign up screens in order to increase engagement and visual appeal.


An important part of the app functionality, the new design was carefully tested and greatly improved the filter journey experience.

Product categories

The greatest improvement was probably at the category landing level, which introduced new card designs. The other screen designs were brought more into line with the reviews section of the Which? website.


New search functionality, as a navigation tab and also an omnipresent search bar, greatly eased and improved the experience of finding specific products or categories.

Other screens

New and improved features included a favourites/shortlist function, notifications, and app updates information.