Pasta Evangelists

Top end subscription service Pasta Evangelists were going through a successful period of rapid growth, and I was hired for a site wide redesign, including checkout, account section and listings page.

Time frame: 3 MONTHS
Role: UX, UI

Product card development

There was a lot of design exploration to find the best card design. The main challenge was to encourage the upselling of a double portion.  I would have preferred not to repeat this on every card but unfortunately the options were restricted by the constraints of the back end.

Member account

Exploring some different visual styles for the account section. In the end we settled on a more austere look


Prototyping flows

A spaghetti-like mess of flows in Figma

User testing

We sourced some volunteers in house and set up some user testing over Zoom. With this we could trial different versions of the design and get a feel for anything that wasn't working.


Listing page

Arguably the most important, this page needed to communicate the unique business model of the subscription service and the rotating weekly menu. The product cards also had to include the ‘Double Portion’ up-sell option.

Member Account

We managed to fit a lot of functionality into the new account section, enabling users to customise their subscription, see and change upcoming orders, personal details, and gain extra rewards by referring friends.