Fortnum & Mason

Design lead on a new site for iconic British high end store Fortnum & Mason. I was hands on but also oversaw the design direction of others to align with the brand vision and deliver a flawless shopping experience.

Agency: Redbox Digital
Time frame: 7 weeks
Role: Research, UX, Design

Project Goals

  • Redesign the site to align with branding work of the previous few years
  • Deliver a standard of design that reflected F&M’s high end status
  • Refine the ‘brilliant basics’ of e-commerce
  • Deliver a fast and painless shopping experience for the customer
  • Provide better information to visitors of the physical store
  • Bring the experience of shopping at Fortnum’s to the screen


We looked at a mix of luxury and fashion sites as well as existing Fortnum’s product photography.


I created wireframes for most of the pages, which served as vital points of discussion with the client. These were then used to create finished designs and/or handed over to other designers.

Check out

The Check Out

In addition to overseeing the designs, one of my main roles on this project was to tackle the checkout experience. Fortnum’s were very keen to develop a seamless flow using best UX practice, but what made this particularly challenging was a range of complicated scenarios.

For example, some items such as perishable goods would have to be shipped at different times and from different locations to the rest of an order. Or a corporate customer may wish to ship a large order to many different clients. Or even more infuriatingly, multiple address shipments themselves may have to be split and shipped separately.

All of this had to be considered and incorporated into an effortless checkout experience.

The Cart

Checkout page

Logged in flow

Logged out flow

Split shipment flow

Multiple address, split shipment flow

Final designs


Landings Pages



Listings page

Product details page